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Using stories to teach grammar: The Farmer and the Fortune Teller 2017

Here is the worksheet from one of my favourite 'grammar stories' for you to download and try out with your learners. The answers are all in the text!

Traffic lights: A free resource for correcting errors and checking understanding 2017

Here are the templates for my 2017 blog posting on this topic:

Remember to print in colour if possible  (if not,  your students can colour them in),  cut up and glue. Keep them in a box,  and get a 'traffic lights monitor'  to distribute and collect at the start and end of each lesson. If you get time,  drop me an email to let me know how it went.


Teaching English in large classes: A sociocultural approach 2016

Resources for my webinar for British Council English Agenda that investigates the challenges and potential pathways toward solutions for teachers of English working in large classes:

Sharing our intentions with our learners -  Workshop at London School of English, 2016

Resources for a workshop conducted at London School of English that explored different ways and potential advantages of making our intentions/aims explicit to learners:

Translingualism and translanguaging - what do they mean for TEFL... if anything? - International House, London 2015

Resources related to a workshop facilitated at IH London on the subject of translingual practices and the possible implications for ELT:

Multilingual language learning for Algerian teachers - BC Algeria 2015

Ideas for activities contributed by Algerian teachers, including translation activities, comparative analysis of languages and some fun games too!

Why lying is the best policy... to get learners speaking - IATEFL 2015 / English UK 2015

Ideas and activities for developing higher order thinking skills and imagination through deception-based games.

Have I got a dragons' den for you? - English UK, London 2014

Ideas and activities for creating classroom activities from television and radio game shows.

Speaking Games Blog - 2014

A blog page, initially begun for my forthcoming book, Speaking Games Learning to Play' for Delta Publishing, October  2014 that has since developed into a more general blog.

Accuracy and Fluency - IATEFL Liverpool 2013

Practical ideas and a draft framework for helping language learners to achieve both simultaneously.

Prepare for Aptis - Exam Practice Materials

Improve your English as you prepare for the British Council Aptis exam using these materials:

Pronunciation Learning Cards

A resource for teachers of English language pronunciation

See the following article on Pronunciation Learning Cards:

Rwanda: Teaching Resources

Resources for Rwandan teachers implementing child-centred teaching methodology

Phonics Resources for Eritrean Teachers

Resources for teachers in Eritrea teaching English literacy through phonics



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