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 "Jason and I have been working as a team since 2010, in Rwanda, Kenya and recently in Malawi. Jason has excellent teacher training skills and is an extremely hard-working, committed and dedicated professional. He is very reflective and has enriched his knowledge and skills based on his practical experiences in a number of African countries: Eritrea, Rwanda, Kenya and Malawi. He is a very amiable team player and would be an asset to any organisation promoting quality education by changing the teaching / learning processes through the Child-friendly Schools initiative."

A.K.M. Kamaluddin, Educational Consultant, former Chief of Education for UNICEF Kenya

 "Jason is a highly qualified trainer and displays a high degree of sensitivity towards trainees when conducting the training. He intuitively practices and promotes a democratic and highly participatory training environment, building at every stage on the knowledge and experience of the clientele. His facilitation skills help to very quickly develop the confidence of the trainees and bring out their potential. I would easily rate Jason's training skills at the top end of the scale. Jason specializes in training on child-centred teaching / learning methods for transforming classroom learning environments in primary education. It has been inspiring to work with him!"

Anjana Mangalagiri, Chief of Education, UNICEF Bangladesh


"I worked with Jason on behalf of UNICEF in the preparation and delivery of trainer training for the Rwandan and Kenyan Ministries of Education. Throughout this time Jason proved to be a consummate professional, always prepared to go the extra mile to make trainings as effective as possible whilst continually engaging the participants to get a better understanding of their needs and wants. He demonstrated a wide range of skills in the planning, delivery and evaluation phases of the course and I would recommend him to anyone looking for a high quality bespoke teacher training programme."

Paul Phillips, Operations Manager, English for Education Systems, British Council


"Jason is the most dedicated professional I have met in education. As well as being an excellent project manager with a superb eye for detail, he has first-class analytical, design and problem solving skills. With his proven leadership skills, he is able to manage, develop and motivate teams to meet their objectives while creating a supportive working environment."

Dylan Gates, Trinity Teacher Trainer and Course Director


 "The Training 4 TEFL course is extremely well developed and particular care is taken to ensure the trainee teacher experience is excellent... The quality of teacher training and learning is outstanding. The excellent support for trainees, provided by experienced trainers, exceeds expectations. Particular attention is paid to the trainee experience to ensure a manageable workload and positive outcomes. Records of trainees successfully completing the course are excellent and extensive written and oral feedback is outstanding."

Independent Schools Inspectorate Report on the Training 4 TEFL Trinity Cert TESOL Course


"I had the pleasure of being a trainee of Jason’s in the Pro-ELT teacher training programme in Malaysia for more than half a year and I can firmly attest to his abilities, efforts and preparedness as a teacher trainer. Jason would always do whatever it took to help his trainees and support everyone who was willing to put forth the effort. As a dynamic and hardworking trainer, his preparation was always extensive and his time management was always excellent. Jason’s knowledge and use of technology in the aid and extension of his teaching is exemplary. What sets Jason apart from most trainers is his strong grasp of subject matter, his ability to coach trainees and his funny, creative style of teaching that make learning both meaningful and fun. Therefore, I am totally confident that Jason shall definitely become a valuable asset to any teacher training programme like he was to ours."

Florence Chong, Secondary Teacher, Tenom, Malaysia


 "Speaking Games is a terrific find! This book is packed full of photocopiable resources to liven up any EFL class. Although the book targets students at the intermediate to advanced levels (B1, B2, C1), much of the material could be easily adapted for any level. The aim is for students to learn English in a fun and enjoyable way by using play and games to encourage real communication… I believe this book is an incredible resource and I thank the author for bringing it to our shelves!"

Click here to read the full review

Hilary Livingston, review of "Speaking Games" for IATEFL Voices


“The worksheets and their accompanying notes are so clear and easy to use that it would be possible to plunge right in and pick an activity for immediate use in class, but I would recommend that you read the short but illuminating introduction to the book first. It contains a sound rationale for the use of games, an explanation of how to find the game you need by using either the Contents pages or the three indexes at the back, and ideas for adapting the games to suit the preferences of your students. The games are well thought-out and attractively presented. . . I believe that teachers who wish to encourage speaking in their lessons and to ensure the enthusiastic participation of the whole class will find this an invaluable resource." Click here to read the full review

Helena Gomm, review of "Speaking Games" for English Teaching Professional


"This attractively designed photocopiable resource book will prove invaluable for anyone who would like to use role plays in their classroom. . .  This is a thoroughly well-thought-out and well-designed book which should prove a good addition to any teacher's shelves."  Click here to read the full review

Nora Delphine, review of "Role Plays for Today" for English Teaching Professional


"My positive reaction to this excellent resource began when I opened the table of contents. . . I love the "real world" categories, which are not only real, but also relevant to adult students, not just teens (although I think teens would welcome much of this more grown-up material). . . An extremely useful aspect for me is that many of the activities have more than 2 parts, so there are more possibilities for recombining and extending the activity if needed or desired. . . With such normal and useful situations set up quite creatively and geared to adult learners, Role Plays for Today is a resource you'll turn to again and again."

Paula Swenson, review of "Role Plays for Today" for TEFL.net

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