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CAP / CAPE (Context, analysis, practice) Model for Lesson Planning

Materials (pdf) for teachers and teacher educators on the lesson structuring framework. All resources are free to download and use as you see fit. Feedback is always gratefully received:

Articles on the CAP model:

UNICEF / VSO Bangladesh - Child-centred Methodology Cascade Initiative

Materials to be used in the MOPME/UNICEF Child-centred Methodology (CCM) initiative, due to be cascaded to 500 schools nationwide in 2015/16 with support of VSO Bangladesh Primary Education Advisors:

Teaching Large Classes

A resource originally created for a teacher education project in Africa. It identifies key challenges in teaching large classes and helps teachers to explore potential solutions in primary and secondary school contexts (any subject). Shared here for use and adaptation by teacher educators, or self-study by teachers. Commercial use (e.g. publication) prohibited:

National Academy of Primary Education Bangladesh - Using DPEE Manuals

Resources developed for NAPE workshop on Child-centred Learning (2015) as part of a UNICEF/MOPME initiative in Bangladesh. Suitable for a workshop for Primary Teacher Training Instructors (PTIs) on facilitating participatory training using the DPEd manuals:

UNICEF Malawi / MOEST - Child-centred Methodology Training Project

The following resources are part of the UNICEF Malawi / MOEST project to cascade child-centred learning methodology in both pre-service and in-service teacher education in Malawi. Both will open as Microsoft Word documents for editing. Both are under 2Mb in size.

The following resources are sample lesson plans for integrating child-centred resources into TTC pre-service training in Malawi.


Teaching and Learning Materials Manual - UNICEF Kenya

A useful manual that supports teachers who work in low-resource environments. Includes details on how to make and use a Pocketboard:

UNICEF Kenya / MOE - Child-centred Learning Methodology Training

As promised, here are the handouts photographed and embedded in a Word document - enjoy!






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