Books, articles and papers by Jason Anderson

Books by Jason Anderson

Activities for Cooperative Learning 

2019, Delta Publishing

Over 50 activities and microstrategies linking the theory and practice of cooperative learning. Blog post here. Preview here. Buy on Amazon here

Trinity CertTESOL Companion

2017, Delta Publishing

A guide to English language teaching for trainees on Trinity CertTESOL courses. Preview here. Buy on Amazon here.

Teaching English in Africa

2015, East African Educational Publishers

A practical guide to ELT for teachers in Africa. Winner of a British Council ELTON 2016.  Free PDF here! Buy on Amazon here.

Speaking Games

2014, Delta Publishing

Photocopiable speaking activities for EFL/ESL. Shortlisted for English Speaking Union 2016 Awards. Preview here. Buy on Amazon here.

Role Plays for Today

2006, Delta Publishing

Photocopiable activities for EFL/ESL. A best-selling teacher's resource book worldwide. Preview here. Buy on Amazon here. 


2004, Delta Publishing

Interactive tasks for collaborative learning in EFL/ESL. Shortlisted for the British Council ELTON Awards 2005. Preview here.  Buy on Amazon here.

Articles, papers, reports and chapters by Jason Anderson

Topsy-turvy teacher training: An attempt to blend top-down and bottom-up approaches to in-service language teacher education 

The Teacher Trainer - December 2019

This article reports on an in-service teacher training programme conducted in China for tertiary English language teachers from two of the poorest provinces in the country. The programme involved both top-down (traditional training) and bottom up (collaborative and individual teacher research) elements. The article also reports on the findings from a follow-up webinar conducted 6 months later to find out how the teachers had got on since the programme. 

Recentering English language teaching: India at the centre of the multilingual turn?

In: ELTAI: An Epic Journey of 50 Years - November 2019

Contribution to the ELTAI anniversary publication, calling for further research into translanguaging and translingual practice in language  classrooms in India, and arguing that India can become a centre of multilingual expertise for those of us interested in 'decentring' ELT from the  historically monolingual centres of the Anglophone west. 

In search of reflection-in-action: An exploratory study of the interactive reflection of four experienced teachers

Teaching and Teacher Education - August 2019

This paper reports on a study analysing the interactive reflection of four EFL teachers to empirically examine Schon's concept of reflection-in-action. It provides support for Schon's construct alongside other reflective processes, and proposes an original typology of teacher interactive thought and a taxonomy of interactive reflection. See here for two related resources (the typology of teacher interactive thought, and the proposed taxonomy of interactive reflection).

The School Education System in India: An Overview (co-authored with Amy Lightfoot)

British Council India - July 2019

Commissioned by the British Council, this report provides a detailed overview of K-12 education in India, covering early childhood, primary and secondary levels, as well as teacher education, language in education policy and practice, edtech, government initiatives, exam boards, nodal organisations and school ownership and management. 

Deconstructing Jigsaw Activities

Modern English Teacher - March 2019

This article presents an original taxonomy for jigsaw activities for language teachers, based on Aronson's original model for the Jigsaw Classroom. It also proposes some new ideas for jigsaw, including grammar jigsaw, flipped jigsaw and research jigsaw. Also see my more detailed blog post on the origins of jigsaw and information gap activities here. Also see my IATEFL Liverpool 2019 talk on the same topic on my Talks page.

Cooperative learning: Principles and practice

English Teaching Professional - March 2019

This main feature article from ETP investigates the origins of cooperative learning, and identifies two core principles shared by writers on cooperative learning. It also looks at its past influence on communicative language teaching (CLT), and asks what it can offer CLT today. Also see my book published 2019 by Delta Publishing: Activities for Cooperative Learning (above). 

Translingual practices in English classrooms in India: current perceptions and future possibilities (co-authored with Amy Lightfoot)

International Journal of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism - December 2018

The paper explores the complexity of language use practices in English language classrooms across India, reporting on a survey (quantitative and qualitative) of 169 Indian teachers, and sought to investigate what have traditionally been called ‘L1-use practices’ from a more inclusive, holistic (translingual) perspective. It argues for more explicit treatment of multilingual practices in pre-service English teacher education, and proposes an additional 'inclusive position' to Macaro's 2001 codeswitching model. Blog summary here. Related talk here.

‘The future of training’ or The elephant that swallowed the room

International House Teacher Training (online) - September 2018

Provides an overview of my data-informed predictions for how 'initial' certification courses in ELT (CELTA, CertTESOL) are likely to change in the near future, and discusses the consequences of this for those who provide such courses, leading ultimately to a need for us to reappraise our role and move from being teacher 'trainers' to teacher educators.

Worth a thousand words 

English Teaching Professional - July 2018

Shares a number of suggestions for making the most of Google Images, an online image search function, in the English language classroom for teaching lexis, practising speaking skills and even for teaching grammar. 

‘Buying in’ to communicative language teaching: the impact of ‘initial’ certification courses on the classroom practices of experienced teachers of English

Innovation in Language Learning and Teaching - May 2018

Reports on a study into the impact of a Cambridge CELTA course on the beliefs and self-reported classroom practices of 29 experienced teachers of English. Also see my related IATEFL 2018 talk, on YouTube here. Pre-publication version of this paper available here. 

The role of initial teacher training courses in the professional development of experienced non-native speaker English language teachers

ELTED - May 2018

Based on my earlier MA study, this paper reports the findings of a study into the role of CELTA and CertTESOL courses in the lives, careers and teaching practices of 19 NNESTs.

Context, analysis, practice: the hidden paradigm in contemporary ELT

IATEFL Conference Selections - April 2018

Describes the lesson planning 'paradigm' I introduced during my talk at IATEFL Glasgow, with example lesson structures from the Trinity CertTESOL Companion.

Reimagining English language learners from a translingual perspective

ELT Journal - January 2018

Reports on a study into the translingual needs of typical 'EFL learners' in the UK, and considers the implications, imagining more L1-inclusive classrooms where translingual practices are recognised as authentic, valid and reflective of language use communities in the wider world. Click the title above for a free link to the OUP article. 

Peer Needs Analysis

English Teaching Professional - November 2017

Peer needs analysis aims to turn needs analysis into a social event. Read about how it can improve rapport, fostering patience and understanding between learners and support a negotiated curriculum in the classroom.  

Thinking CAP

Modern English Teacher - July 2017

Looks at the history and importance of context in the introduction of new language in ELT classrooms over the last 5 decades, and provides further description of the CAP/CAPE model for structuring new language lessons.  

Reimagining English language learners from a translingual perspective

ELT Journal - June 2017 (advance access)

Reports on a study into the translingual needs of typical 'EFL learners' in the UK, and considers the implications, imagining more L1-inclusive classrooms where translingual practices are recognised as authentic, valid and reflective of language use communities in the wider world. Click the title above for a free link to the OUP article. 

Under African Skies

EL Gazette - May 2017

An interview I did for EL Gazette on the differences, the challenges and the joys of teaching English in Africa, recalling some of the great teachers and educators I worked with and providing a little advice to those interested in working there.

Context, analysis and practice

IATEFL Voices - May 2017

This article describes and justifies a CAP (context, analysis, practice) model by drawing on research into ELT coursebooks over the last 30 years. It argues that CAP is essentially a hidden paradigm in contemporary ELT. 

A potted history of PPP with the help of ELTJ
ELT Journal - April 2017
Investigates the history of PPP to Donn Byrne's and Julian Dakin's work, finding it to be a central construct within the early evolution of CLT, and not a product of audiolingualism as frequently stated. Click the title above for a free link to the OUP article. 

Context analysis practice: A lesson planning model for language teacher education
IATEFL Teacher Education Newsletter - March 2017
To support my IATEFL talk, in this paper I present a simple 3-stage lesson structuring paradigm; C-A-P (Context, Analysis, Practice) and argue that it better reflects the current emphasis on context in teacher education and coursebooks than alternatives (e.g. PPP, ESA).

A fundamental dichotomy in ELT methodology: A response to Pang
ELT Journal - January 2017
A response to May Pang's critique of my 2015 article 'Affordance, learning opportunities and the lesson plan pro forma' outlining the dichotomy underpinning the planning debate in (E)LT methodology. Click the title above for a free link to the OUP article.

What to consider when teaching English in large classes
British Council Voices - November 2016
Overview article that looks at the challenges and potential paths towards solutions, situating the large class English teacher in their own teaching culture, community and classroom.

A qualitative study into the role of initial teacher training courses in the professional development of experienced non-native speaker teachers of English
King's College London, MA Dissertation - September 2016
This dissertation was a qualitative study asking why experienced non-native speaker teachers choose to take courses such as the Cambridge CELTA and the Trinity CertTESOL, and what impact they have on their practices. It provides an specific recommendations both for course providing organisations and qualification awarding bodies to make the courses more appropriate and useful for experienced non-native speaker participants. It won the British Council ELTon Master's Dissertation Award for 2017. 

The role of VSO in the development of Teaching English in Africa
Education Today - September 2016
Short article written on behalf of VSO, covering the origin and development of Teaching English in Africa. Also see my blog here.
Initial teacher training courses and non-native speaker teachers.

Initial teacher training courses and non-native speaker teachers
ELT Journal - July 2016
Reports on a mainly quantitative study indicating that non-native speakers on CELTA and CertTESOL courses have very different prior experience, needs and future teaching contexts to native speakers. Click the title above for a free link to the OUP article.

Why practice makes perfect sense: The past, present and potential future of the PPP paradigm in language teacher education
ELT Education and Development - July 2016
Discusses the history, durability and validity of the PPP model, providing a justification for its use in certain contexts, and an account of its use based on notions of best practice in education.

Intentions and signposts
English Teaching Professional - July 2016
Main feature article. Builds on evidence from mainstream teaching to present a range of suggestions to ensure that learners are aware of both our intentions and their own learning throughout the lesson.

Teaching is never easy... but for so many different reasons - June 2016
In this online article for, I discuss the important role that local publishing houses have to support teachers in Africa.

Internet Jigsaws
Modern English Teacher - April 2016
Internet jigsaws are an effective cooperative learning solution that can be adapted for a wide range of teaching contexts, flipped or not, compatible with most syllabus structures and lesson lengths.

Affordance, learning opportunities and the lesson plan pro forma
ELT Journal - July 2015
Editor's choice article. Examines the role of the lesson plan template in teacher education and provides recommendation for its improvement. Also see here for a lesson plan pro forma in line with my proposal, suitable for use on initial and in-service teacher education programmes.

Secrets and lies
Modern English Teacher - July 2015
Investigates the role of deception in the language classroom and presents both old favourites and new ideas for deception-based games and activities.

The uniqueness of gameplay
English Teaching Professional - January 2015
Main feature article. Presents two types of authentic language use possible in gameplay and contrasts games with tasks, and argues that games can include an explicit focus on language while still retaining authenticity.

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