Recent projects


2017: Thailand

Lead materials development consultant for British Council / Thai MoE Regional English Training Centre project (ongoing)


Involving situation analysis and report on current nationwide teacher education cascade programme for English language teachers. Leading team of materials writers to improve current course materials to increase relevance and appropriacy for Thai primary teachers.  

2017: Morocco

"Concepts and practice" teacher development course for Aaron Babel Academy


Included teacher education seminars on aspects of lesson planning, structuring and delivery, observation of and feedback to course participants, materials development and recommendations for the Aaron Babel Academy. 

2016: Austria

Visiting consultant at the Austrian Teacher Training College


Included observation and analysis of the ABCi bilingual classroom initiative for primary and secondary schools, workshops for teacher trainers and student teachers and recommendations for future development and project upscaling.

2016: Egypt

The role and impact of short teacher training courses when used for in-service teacher education


Exploratory qualitative research project investigating the role of short teacher education courses on communicative language teaching on the practices and careers of experienced Egyptian English language teachers.

2015: Malawi

Lead materials developer for UNICEF Malawi in-service primary teacher education support strategy


Working as part of a team of national and international experts for UNICEF Malawi/MOEST via Hydea Consulting Ltd., we performed a situation analysis for in-service teacher development nationwide and consulted key stakeholders at national level. Alongside MOEST partners, we developed a professional in-service diploma for primary teachers. I contributed several modules and oversaw the editing of materials and initial training for materials writers.

2015: Bangladesh

Consultant teacher educator and materials developer on the UNICEF Bangladesh Child-centred methodology project


Designing and delivering the training of UNICEF and NAPE/PTI (Bangladesh Ministry of Primary and Mass Education) resource persons in Child-centred teaching/learning methodology as part of the Football Club of Barcelona (FCB) and Reach Out To Asia (ROTA) project to improve the quality of learning in 600 schools in Bangladesh. Also involves follow up training and support, monitoring and evaluation of the impact of the project at the classroom and learning outcomes levels.

2013 -2014: Malaysia

Teacher Trainer on the British Council Pro-ELT Project in Sabah, Borneo


Working as part of the Pro-ELT teacher training team, I was responsible for training teachers in both English language proficiency and teaching methodology. As well as direct training, I was also responsible for developing teacher training materials for use all across Malaysia to help teachers prepare for the British Council Aptis exam. 

2012 -2013: Malawi

Lead educator and materials design co-ordinator for the UNICEF Malawi Child-centred Learning Workshops; consultancy for UNICEF Malawi and MOEST Malawi


I co-led a team of core national trainers to design and roll out a teacher training programme for primary school teacher trainers and teachers at national level. The project included capacity building of core trainers and development of materials. Content included methodology on interactive, collaborative learning, development of stimulating classrooms and TALULAR resources.

2011-2012: UK

Designer of course, materials and validation supervisor for a new Trinity College London CertTESOL pre-service teacher training course, London, UK


Working initially as a consultant and then as director of teacher training, I created a new 4-week initial teacher training programme, leading to the Trinity Cert TESOL (English teaching) Qualification. An inspection by ISI (Independent Schools Inspectorate, UK) carried out in September 2012 rated the course as 'outstanding', their highest provision.

2011: Canada / Africa

Developed criteria and instruments for evaluating UNICEF Child-friendly Schools Manuals  in 10 countries worldwide; for the Commonwealth of Learning, Canada


Working as a consultant for Commonwealth of Learning, Canada, I created criteria and instruments to facilitate the evaluation of the effectiveness of UNICEF Child-friendly Schools manuals developed by national UNICEF offices working in conjunction with local MOE offices in 10 countries in Sub-saharan Africa.

2010-2011: Rwanda

Rwandan Primary English Curriculum Developer


I participated in the revision of national primary English curricula for grades 1-5, leading to a more child-centred, participatory curriculum that was introduced nationwide across Rwanda in 2012. 

2010: Kenya

Lead trainer and materials designer for national Training of Trainers in Child-centred Methodology Workshop for UNICEF Kenya and Kenyan Ministry of Education


Designed and co-facilitated a training workshop for teacher trainers, school inspectors, curricula designers and MOE staff with other consultants that led to cross-country implementation of child-centred teaching methodology in 2011. Part of the UNICEF Kenya Child-friendly Schools project.

2010: Rwanda

Co-trainer and materials designer for national Training of Trainers in Child-centred Methodology Workshop for UNICEF Rwanda and Rwandan MINEDUC


Co-facilitated a training workshop for teacher trainers, school inspectors, curricula designers and MOE staff with other consultants that initiated the teacher training phase of the UNICEF child-friendly schools project in Rwanda. 

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