Talks: webinars, online events and public speaking by Jason Anderson

Webinars and online talks by Jason Anderson

Teaching English in large classes: A sociocultural approach 

British Council: November 2016

Investigates the challenges and offers support for teachers through action research.
Slides here. References here.

Translanguaging in English language classrooms in India: Why, when and how?

British Council India: June 2017 

Explores translanguaging in Indian  classrooms, including practical ideas for teachers. Slides hereResources here.

Affordance, learning opportunities and the lesson plan pro forma

ELT Journal: June 2015

Introduction to my article offering recommendations for improving planning pro formas.
Read the full article here.

Initial teacher training courses and non-native speaker teachers

TESOL Academic: July 2016

Introduction to my study reporting key differences between non-native and native speaker teachers.
Read the article here.

The uniqueness
of gameplay

Teaching House: February 2017

Explores the role of games in language learning, arguing that they are different to tasks. 
Related article here

Other talks and webinars of Jason Anderson

"CertTESOL and CELTA syllabi of the future"
Supersize your Cert: Professional development day, University of Central Lancashire, UK: May 2018
Workshop in which we compare two initial teacher training course syllabi, and imagine how we could and would improve them to make them inclusive of the needs of all participants if the syllabus constraints were removed. Handout here. Posters created here.

"What impact does CELTA have on experienced teachers' classroom practices?"
IATEFL Brighton, UK: April 2018
Talk reporting on my most recent research on experienced NNESTs on CELTA courses, and its impact on their self-reported classroom practices 6 months later. Also provides summary recommendations from 4 years of research. Slides here. Watch it on YouTube here.

"The L1-inclusive classroom: Learning English with all our languages"
4th AINET International Conference, Mumbai, India: Febuary 2018
Workshop in which we discuss and share our ideas for how we use learners' languages in the English language classroom. Slides here. Handout here.

"Effective differentiation through cooperative learning"

English UK: London, UK: January 2018

In true cooperative learning style, this workshop provides participants with the understandings and opportunities to learn how the cooperative classroom can facilitate differentiation, both in younger learner and adult classrooms. Handout here.

"The role of CELTA in the CPD of non-native speaker teachers"
CETA Conference - Sheffield, UK: September 2017
After reporting on my research into non-native speaker teachers on initial teacher training courses such as the CELTA, this workshop provides participants with opportunities to discuss recommendations and potential implications. Abstract and references here.

"Translanguaging in English language classrooms in India: Why, when and how?
ELTAI Annual Conference - Kochi, India: June 2017
Translanguaging is an ancient and natural practice in India. It is a practice that could not be further from the monolingual norms of language use that have shaped western approaches to language teaching for over a century. After reporting on two recent research projects, one in India, this workshop considers why, and explores how, India can take a different path to effective competence in the use of English. Resources here. References here.

"Reimagining English language learners from a translingual perspective"
Plenary: ETP Live! - Brighton UK: June 2017
This workshop considers the potential implications of adopting more translingual perspective in English language teaching, reporting on a study in which the majority of 116 'EFL' learners anticipated a need to use English translingual in the future. Practical ideas and resources are also suggested. Resources here. References here

"Translingualism and translanguaging: What are they and why are they important for the future of ELT?"
The Future of English Language Teaching Conference - Regent's University, London, UK: June 2017
In this workshop we compare and share our understandings of the term 'translingualism' and the practice of 'translanguaging', exploring their possible implications for us as English langauge teachers, both in the UK and around the world. Resources here. References here

"Context, analysis, practice: The hidden paradigm in contemporary ELT"
IATEFL Glasgow, UK: April 2017
Recent shifts towards more text-based approaches in published materials and 'communicative' classroom practices lend support to a lesson planning model involving 3 stages: Context, analysis, practice. This talk explores how it can be used to support trainees on pre-service courses, and its wider application in ELT. Resources here.

"Peer needs analysis: Sensitizing learners to the needs of their classmates"

Devon DOS Association, UK: March 2017 

There are a number of advantages to raising learners' awareness of the needs of their classmates. This workshop investigates how it can be done effectively, why it's a good idea and provides some useful resources for experimentation in the classroom. Resources here


"Sharing our intentions with the learners" 
Embassy English, London, UK: March 2017 
Exploratory workshop in which we discuss and compare how we make our intentions clear to our learners. We also look at evidence-based research on this issue, and its implications for our practice. Related article here. 


"The uniqueness of gameplay" 

Teaching House, London, UK: February 2017 

Exploratory the Role of gains in language learning, issues of authenticity and how games can include an explicit focus on languageWhile still retaining authenticity. Watch it on YouTube here.  Related article here.

"Playing games with younger learners"
English Teacher Training College, Austria: December 2016  
Concluding plenary talk/workshop investigating the the relative merits of cooperative and competitive gameplay for children and teens, and how we can use them to facilitate learning effectively.


"Peer needs analysis: Sensitizing learners to the needs of their classmates"

English UK 2016 Teachers' Conference, London, UK: November 2016 

There are a number of advantages to raising learners' awareness of the needs of their classmates. This workshop investigates how it can be done effectively, why it's a good idea and provides some useful resources for experimentation in the classroom. Resources here. 

"Using learners' mother tongues for teaching English in Egypt"
Pharos University International ELT Symposium, Egypt: September 2016 

Closing plenary exploring how Egyptian English teachers can use Arabic (and other L1s) effectively when planning, teaching and assessing their learners. Slides here. Resources here. 


"Why PPP won't (and shouldn't) go away"
IATEFL 2016, Birmingham, UK: April 2016 
The most enduring paradigm in recent language teacher education is communicative, 'learner-sensitive' and can no longer be argued to be incompatible with SLA research evidence. Resources here.


"Translingual competence and the EFL learner"
Stafford House, Cambridge, UK: March 2016 
Conference opening plenary presenting the results of experimental research on the degree to which 116 EFL learners may need translingual competence in the future, and what this means for their teachers. Resources here.


"Sharing our intentions with the learners"
London School of English, UK: January 2016  
Exploratory workshop in which we rationalise and compare how we do or don't share our intentions for a lesson with the learners. We also look at evidence-based research into this question, and its implications for our practice. Related article here.


"Translingualism and translanguaging - what do they mean for TEFL... if anything?"
International House, London, UK: June 2015  
Presentation followed by plenary discussion on the concept of translingualism and the practice of translanguaging from bilingual studies, relating them to our work as language teachers. Slides here. Handout here. 


"Using Learners' Mother Tongues in the ELT Classroom" May 2015 
British Council ELT Conference, Oran, Algeria Workshop investigating the advantages of using Algerian learners' L1s, and ideas for activities. Booklet: Multilingual language learning in Algerian classrooms (created by Algerian teachers) here. 


"Why lying is the best policy... to get learners speaking"
IATEFL 2015, Manchester, UK: April 2015 
Workshop in which we try out a range of deception-based activities from Speaking Games. Resources here.


Speaking games: Learning to play

Webinar for Delta Publishing

This webinar looks at why play is important and how we can help learners to play more effectively. Watch it online here.

"Have I got a dragons' den for you?"
English UK Conference: London, UK November 2014  
Workshop in which we look at ELT classroom activities based on popular television and radio shows. Resources here.